A 45-story Class A, office building with more than 600,000 square feet of rentable office and retail space.

Site Size

25,005 square feet.

Completion Date


Typical Floor Sizes

Approximately 16,000 rentable square feet column free floors.

Floor Heights

12 feet 4 inches slab to slab


Development Team


Solstead Associates


Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

Mechanical Engineer

Jaros, Baum & Bolles

Construction Manager

Tishman Construction Corporation


Construction Detail


Steel frame bearing on perimeter columns with a reinforced concrete core to floor 37. Floors 38 through 46 have a structual steel core.


Column-free floor system of metal deck with shear studs and concrete slabs.


Footings and piers for columns anchor to bearing rock.

Exterior Finish

Stainless steel clad aluminum mullions with one inch double-glazed surface, reflective thermopane green glass, vision panels and shadow-boxed insulated spandrels. Reinstalled / gasketed in 2006.

Floor Loads

Live load of 50 lbs. per sq. ft.; dead load of 20 lbs. per sq. ft.; combined load of 70 lbs. per sq. ft.


Building Systems


In 2009, 16 high speed, energy efficient, state of the art elevators were installed. Elevators are maintenanced by Kone Inc.


Floors 2 through 22 are low-rise office space served by six passenger elevators from the ground floor lobby.

Floors 24 through 45 are high rise office space. Three express elevators bring passengers to a sky lobby on the 24th floor where six elevators service floors 25 through 45.

Freight/Loading Dock

The grade-level loading dock and driveway has one hydraulic elevator serving the basement service corridor with direct access to the oversized freight elevator which serves all floors.

Heating, Ventilation and, Air-Conditioning

Each floor has variable air volume systems which permit tenant control of individual spaces.


Heating is provided via a hot water baseboard radiation system. The heating source is Consolidated Edison steam which heats the hot water by means of steam-to-water heat exchangers.


Air-conditioning is provided via a central supply and return air system utilizing variable air volume boxes for distribution to tenant spaces. The refrigeration plant has 3 new Carrier 900 ton electric motor driven centrifugal refrigeration machines (one is redundant), located in the basement, which produce chilled water that is distributed to the air supply systems to cool the air.

In addition to main refrigeration plant, Tower 49® installed a 300 ton refrigeration machine on the 23rd mechancial floor to enhance energy efficiency when lighter heat loads are to be mitigated.


Primary 480 volt electrical power is supplied by Consolidated Edison into an electric vault. The switch gear room is located in the basement of the building.

Individual tenant floors are directly metered by Consolidated Edison.

Energy Management / Building Management System

A Carrier integrated control system continuously monitors building functions. This system is connected to a stand-alone computer to ensure the most economical building operation. In case of power failure, the Carrier system is backed up by the emergency generator.

Life Safety

The building is fully sprinklered. There is direct communication to each floor from a fire command station on the ground floor lobby. Elevator recall and the building’s public address system are activated automatically upon detection of an alarm condition anywhere in the building.


The security system includes a 24-hour concierge in the main lobby who will monitor a closed-circuit television system which covers all elevators and public areas.

Emergency Power


Tower 49® is served by 300KW Caterpillar for code required life safety.

Tower 49® installed an Atlantic Detroit Diesel powered 2,000KW generator for multiple purposes.

Life safety is enhanced by access to multiple elevators which run continuously during a blackout.

Quality of life enhancements are provided during a blackout with public lighting and domestic water for drinking and bathroom use. In 2003 when the power grid failed, Tower 49® tenants had a safe place to stay until power and services resumed 24 hours later.

Tenants may participate in the EPS program and purchase emergency power to continue business operations during a blackout.